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About Us

About KRD Safed Musli Farm

Safed Musli - Chlorophytum BorivlianumKRD Musli Farm is a famous and now a developed and pioneer certified Organic Safed Musli farm of India which is founded by Patidar Dr. Kanhaiyalal Dingu and supervised by his son Mr. Patidar Chandrashekhar Dingu. KRD Musli farm is the leading producer and supplier of quality Safed Musli planting material and Dry Musli by using high-tech organic agriculture technique. Many farmers has visited our farm and take the experience of Safed Musli cultivation. You can also visit our farm and enjoy the experience.

KRD Safed Musli Farm is now a Certified Organic Safed Musli Farm under High Tech Organic Safed Musli Farms. The certificate (No. - C802297EU-01.2005) is issued by Skal International Mumbai. Skal International is a international certification agency which is accredited under NSOP Government of India. Skal International is a member of the Control Union World Group.

Location of Farm

It is very easy to rich at KRD Musli farm because it is located near Indore on National Highway no.3 on Agra – Mumbai road. Our Farm is situated at Rau, Tehsil & District Indore (M.P.) India and Barlay (Badwah) on Badwah Maheshwar Road Dist - Khargone (M.P.).

The Founder

Organic Safed Musli - Chlorophytum BorivlianumThe founder of KRD Musli Farm Patidar Dr. Kanhaiyalal Rameshwarji Dingu is veternary graduate. After successfully production of seeds of Potato, Onion and Garlic since last 35 years and Safed Musli since last 8 years, now he is producing quality organic safed musli planting material and organic dry safed musli. Dr. Dingoo, a qualified veternairan and a natural scientist at heart, has devoted himself into growing of herbal and medicinal crops which have been either forgotten or overexploited. He has been developing crop production know-how such that not only forests are saved from a permanent poaching, the country on the whole, should get a crop which can be exported across seven-seas.

Medicinal plants have world wide acceptability. It is difficult to find any newspaper not filled with advertisement on drugs based on these plants. Dr. Dingoo would like not only to develop planting material but also production know how such that an ordinary farmer is not put to difficulty.

While on one hand medicinal plants benefit society from pain and misery, on the other hand they also help in improving financial well-being of growers.

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KRD Musli Farm is a famous and developed Musli farm of India