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Features & Facilities

Why to deal with us-

There are so many growers of Safed Musli in India. They are included in the production and supply of Safed Musli. A question may comes in your mind while purchasing Safed Musli with us that why to purchase Planting Material with KRD Musli Farm.

Following are our some features and facilities which make us different from others:

  • Best Quality Organic Safed Musli Planting Material

  • Certified High Tech Organic Musli Farm

  • Advance Hi-tech Agriculture Technique

  • Provide Market related Information

  • Guaranteed "Buy back" fcility

  • Advance Booking Facilities

  • Expert in Storage Techniques

  • Self experience of Planting to Peelling and drying of Safed Musli

  • Detailed Consultancy on Cultivation Technique with free of cost

  • 9 years of experience of cultivation of Safed Musli

  • We provide best export quality dry Safed Musli (A Grade) in bulk

  • Provide export related information

  • Easy to rich at KRD Musli Farm as it is located on National Highway near Indore and one farm on Badwah Maheshwar Road.

  • Quick & Online information via website and email

How to book Planting material at KRD Farm

We Provide best quality Planting Material. which has to be booked before as it is given on first-come-first-serve basis. Quality planting material of Safed Musli is available from us under following conditions:

  • Fifty percent advances should be made at the time of booking.

  • Balance will be accepted at the time of delivery of Material which will be supplied from our Farm at Rau Indore (M.P.).

For more details & enquiries please feel free to contact us

KRD Musli Farm has experience of Planting to Peelling and drying of Safed Musli