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KRD Safed Musli FarmWe at KRD MUSLI FARM provide consultancy and training for cultivating Safed Musli to our customers. We not only provide free consulting and training facilities for the cultivation of Musli but also give free services to those persons who are interested in undertaking experiments and research in the field of the cultivation or processing of Musli. This training facility is available only at our farm at Rau, Indore (India).

KRD Musli Farm is a famous and developed Musli farm of Indore. KRD Musli farm is the producer of quality Safed Musli planting material by using high-tech agriculture technique. Many farmers has visited our farm and take the experience of Safed Musli cultivation. You can also visit our farm and enjoy the experience.

Safed Musli - Chlorophytum BorivlianumKRD Musli Farm has undertaken the cultivation of Safed Musli in a highly professional manner on nearly 40 acres of land on our farm, which could be unhesitatingly contacted for any type of assistance or guidance in the cultivation of Musli starting from the supply of planting material to the training and guidance in growing this high yielding crop. Being an Extensive Crop we always Suggest all the interested farmers to visit our farm physically at Rau (Indore) and also avail the facility of training to ensure a better yield for themselves.

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KRD Musli Farm provide consultancy and training for cultivating Safed Musli